Francesco Fonassi – Quasai




VINYL PRE-ORDER – out on May 2024 – Quasai, might be an underwater bird, nearly a chamaleon, or a medusa. It iterates and evolves in a cubistic entanglement, casting songs of displacement, provoking hypnagogic magnetism and sonic pareidolia.
Like a storm scene, which is made up by set of means used to give the illusion of rain, wind, thunder, and a raging sea.
A nautical journey, precisely, where hypnotic rhythms float among waves of tapes, savory synthesizers and from afar the diaphonic echo of sibylline voices. And it is precisely now that we will pass through Petropolis.Quasai was born facing the nordic sea, then migrated to the outpost of Spettro, in Brescia, where Francesco Fonassi, with his colleagues, welcomes electronic avant-garde performers and sound activists to join and contribute to an always growing community.

LP, special limited edition 150 copies
Pre-order from April 12, 2024

A1 Twist or Waltz
A2 Differential I
A3 Quasai
A4 Due in agguato
A5 Lingua stanca
B1 Good Cubism
B2 Bad cubism
B3 Quadratura
B4 Differential II
B5 Tempia stanca

Digital version available here:

Digital Master by Marta Salogni
Vinyl Master by Matt Bordin
Artwork by Neide Ramos


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