Die Welttraumforscher – Folklore des Weltalls 2




Limited Repress 100 copies.

Die Welttraumforscher is an enigmatic Swiss musical and artistic project. Active since 1981, when the first cassette came out on Das Moniflabel, they have an archive with more than 30 albums, but also stories, films and fanciful illustrations.
Die Welttraumforscher is a sonority exploration that translates energy and sounds from outer space. Its music is the transfiguration of the Galaxy’s complexity and its inspection audio-graphics includes, and give us, the space connections as pure melody.
Like a game, it makes us partake of the power of the expression and the World and Celestial bodies’ mysteries.
Perpetually in a journey, die Welttraumforscher tells us how there’s always something to discover inside and outside of ourselves.

Folklore des Weltalls 2 comes out for his 40th artistic anniversary, with two songs for every celestial body in our solar system, including Pluto and the Moon; on the A-Side a so-called “Dance Song” and on the B-Side a “Dream Song”. The songs appear on the record in the same order in which the bodies circle around the Sun. That means that the centre of the record (the label) represents the Sun, and is surrounded by the planets and other bodies, giving us a map of our solar system as we look at the record. 20 new (instrumental) songs, from die Welttraumforscher are included, giving an extraordinary glimpse of the recording work of die Welttraumforscher in their hidden studio. It is deeply connected with one of their favourite ideas: that outer space and especially our solar system is full of music which is only waiting to be discovered. Isti mirant stella (these men wonder at the star). Love is gravity.

A1. Transpluto Tanzt (2:54)
A2. Pluto Tanzt (1:42)
A3. Neptun Tanzt (1:56)
A4. Uranus Tanzt (1:34)
A5. Saturn Tanzt (2:03)
A6. Jupiter Tanzt (2:59)
A7. Mars Tanzt (2:43)
A8. Mond Tanzt (2:32)
A9. Venus Tanzt (2:22)
A10. Merkur Tanzt (1:20)
B1. Transpluto Träumt (2:26)
B2. Pluto Träumt (1:45)
B3. Neptun Träumt (1:48)
B4. Uranus Träumt (2:08)
B5. Saturn Träumt (2:02)
B6. Jupiter Träumt (1:14)
B7. Mars Träumt (2:33)
B8. Mond Träumt (2:08)
B9. Venus Träumt (3:21)
B10. Merkur Träumt (1:36)


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